hematite shell earrings

These simple earrings are great for that extra little touch added to any outfit. Five mother-of-pearl (shell) rounds alternate with five hematite drops. This flower shape hangs from four hematite bugle beads on a stainless steel earwire.

The photos do not accurately portray the colors: the MOP are a milky, almost iridescent white, and the hematite is a very shiny dark gunmetal gray.

Length: about 3 inches

citrine bracelet

This bracelet was a special request, as citrine is said to aid in digestive problems. I'm not sure if it will help, but at least it looks pretty.

The pale yellow of the citrine chips are offset by alternating brass seed beads, and a gold colored magnetic clasp completes the circle.


crystal flower earrings

These beautiful, lightweight earrings add a bit of sparkle to any outfit. 

The flower shaped centerpieces are made of a very light metal (tin?) and are colored very shiny silver. (Note the high reflectiveness in the photos.) The silver part is one inch long. Below that are Swarovski crystal briolettes. The middle one is color Light Rose and measures 9x5mm, while the two outside drops are colored clear AB and are sized slightly smaller at 7x4mm. Earwires are stainless steel.

All photos were taken in natural light with no enhancement.

Total length: 1.3" from bottom of earwire.


Star Chandelier earrings

After seeing the Rainbow Buckyball Earrings, a friend of mine wanted something similar in these colors. I decided to do stars instead of spheres this time, and she loved them.


Jade Amethyst flower necklace

This project was handed to me as a bag full of beads. It was a very sentimental necklace of a friend of mine, but her young kids kept accidentally breaking it. She gave me full permission to redesign it, and make it less fragile.

The centerpiece is glass, and I added some amethyst and jade to the beads that were already there. I also changed the clasp to a magnetic one, so that if the babies pulled on  it, it would just open instead of break. (not pictured)


purple sparkle earrings

These beautiful earrings are perfect to spice up a plain outfit, or accessorize on a fancy night out.

5mm faceted amethyst rounds dangle below 3 - 3mm (or so) blue goldstone bricks, capped with a plastic AB-coated seed bead and stainless steel earwires.

The amethysts are a little bit cloudy, but still a very vibrant purple. The goldstones have a very dark purple or black base, and are exploding with blue, purple, and silver glitter. There is no way to capture the intensity on camera, so the pictures definitely do not do it justice.

Length: 1.5" from the bottom of the earwire.


pearl rainbow bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is simple, yet elegant. Eleven colors of seed beads make a daisy chain around 5mm mother of pearl rounds, closing in a silver colored hook clasp. All the colors plus the pearlescent white make this bracelet literally match any outfit, for any occasion.

All photos were taken in natural light, some in direct sunlight.

Length: about 6.75 inches


Wooden Skull Earrings

These simple earrings are perfect for fall, what with Halloween and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), and also the natural colors.

The earwires are brass-finished surgical steel, and the beads hanging from it are gold-colored vermeil, tiger's eye, wood, and the grinning skulls. I can't place the material of the skulls - they are not heavy enough to be porcelain or ceramic, so I'm guessing they are a hard plastic. The skulls are not decorated enough to be called sugar skulls, though they almost have that appearance.

Length: about 3 inches long from the bottom of the earwire.


straight crystal earrings

These simple yet elegant earrings are perfect for a fancy night out, or a casual day on the town.

6mm opaque Austrian crystal cubes alternate with 4mm clear Swarovski bicones, hung from stainless steel earwires.

length: 1.5 inches from the bottom of the earwire

These photos were all taken in natural light, with no enhancements.


Rainbow Buckyball earrings

OK, so they're not real buckyballs - I don't have the beading skillz required for that. But they are close enough.

Six spheroids (in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) made of seed beads, each attached to a delicate silver chain. They are connected to a wire loop and a clear round glass bead to a stainless steel earwire.

One of the yellow spheres has a thicker silver loop connecting it to the chain due to an error during production, but it is not very noticeable unless you look really closely.

But these fun earrings add some color to any outfit, dressy or casual, regardless of the scientific inaccuracies.

Length: about 1.75 inches from the bottom of the earwire, though there is some variation between earrings and depending on how the chains are sitting.