3-2-1 necklace

This is an Add-a-Strand necklace. That means there are 3 different strands and they are all interchangeable and combinable. You can have a single strand of pearls, 3 different color combinations of 2 strands, or 1 necklace with all 3 strands. Simply attach or detach the desired strands to each end of the clasp using the tiny rings on the end.

In the first picture, you see all the different pieces, separated. They are:

1 handmade wire spiral hook & eye clasp (2 pieces)
1 strand of "natural shape" white glass pearls, 17 inches long
1 strand of light bronze colored round glass pearls, 16 & 1/2 inches long
1 strand of cream colored round glass pearls, 16 inches long

This is a truly unique necklace, perfect for that last touch of class.

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Suzanne said...

Oh very cool.