fountain necklace

This necklace was inspired by a fountain I saw, and I tried to capture its beauty.

There are 5 strands of blue-leaning beads meeting in a vintage yellow rhinestone hook clasp.

The components are:
- 2 sizes / 4 colors of lampwork glass squares
- millefiori glass
- 2 sizes / shapes of mother of pearl shell
- various vintage glass squares
- very sparkly blue goldstone
- vintage rhinestone clasp

The strands are all different lengths, creating A "pile" effect when worn. Average length of the necklace is about 16 inches, though how the pieces fall together when worn may change it slightly.

Since the necklace is a bit heavy and bulky, it would be best worn with a low-cut or strapless dress, or even used as a display piece.

Of course, the pictures do not do this beautiful necklace justice.

Read more about the inspiration for this necklace at A Jewelry Story: fountain necklace.


flutter said...

ooh. this is gorgeous.

Suzanne said...

Wow, this is amazing.