sea green bracelet

This summery bracelet reminds me of something I would find at the beach. The ceramic tube beads look like shells, and are blue-green, speckled with brown, and lined with an off white color. There are 2 yellow-dyed quartz crystals to add a bit more color.

There is no clasp because it is made with elastic thread and will stretch over your hand onto your wrist.(Don't stretch it too much or it may not recede back to its original size, and too much stretching will wear out the elastic faster.)
*The clear elastic thread is visible near the quartz, but in a non-obtrusive, non-distracting way.

Each tube bead is about 1.5 cm long with 1 cm diameter. There are 2 strands of 9 of these beads. The quartz crystals are only slightly smaller than these.

At rest it is about 7 inches around, and stretches comfortably to add another 2 inches. My wrist is just under 7 inches, and it fits me perfectly.

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